From research concept, to practical solution

Our solution is based on human-machine interactions, capitalizing on deep empirical research and ground truth with investment professionals.

We provide strong modeling and automation capabilities combined with human monitoring:  human keeps the control over the machine throughout portfolio's life cycle.

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Market Timing and Asset Allocation

Several researches show that detecting the optimal investment timing is complex as well as defining an accurate portfolio asset allocation with regards to risk aversion. 

KantifEye provides actionable insights in one single view to decide when to trade, which asset to invest on and in which quantity to help on time saving, portfolio construction and performance monitoring.

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Machine Learning Signals Boosted by Portfolio Management Best Practices

We provide an analytical decomposition of pure Machine Learning computations and a blend of indicators coming from our Portfolio Management Best Practices/Networks.


Get access to a full scope of modern Portfolio Creation and Management : data + experts sense driven

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Configurable Inputs and Constraints

Include all data types: assets prices and alternative data (economical, sentiment, benchmark, ESG, intelligence...). 


Adjust your risk parameters such as asset allocation limits, market trends confidence and authorized loss.