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Who we are

Since 2008: several years of research + one to one straightforward meetings / brainstormings with investors, portfolio managers, prop traders, quants, strategists and brokers.

In november 2016, Yohan Fereres (PhD in Quant Finance in 2013, CES Artificial Intelligence Telecom Paris in 2020) grouped several highly
experienced investment professionals and researchers to create KantifEye with the main support of Thomas Padovani (former CEO
of Adcash Advertising Technology a worldwide top AdTech company, several Private Equity successful exits, currently investor in Tech companies including one Unicorn and CEO of a single Family Office).


We created an alternative modeling to modern Portfolio Theory.

Our Approach

quantamental approach of financial markets: combining quantitative and fundamental processes.

Fundamental analysis relies on significant human resources, encountering time and budget challenges. Furthermore, fundamentals can be disconnected from a market regime switch and volatility shocks.

We combine the power of AI, quantitative computations with human investors expertise to optimize portfolio and risk management.

Leveraging more than 14 years of professional and academic research, KantifEye now provides a flexible and automated Decision Support Instrument (DSI) mixing data processing, recognized statistics methods, data clustering, probability computations and some best practices of portfolio trading/risk/management.

History and








Official KantifEye creation by Yohan Fereres and Thomas Padovani.
R&D between Tel Aviv, Paris and Tallinn.

APIs/Cloud and back-end infrastructure set up.
Semi-automated portfolio tests from July.

Functional portfolio tests with Saxo Bank until mid-June.
Then R&D enhancements + Robustness checks + 
Web front-end POC. 

Front-end web interface adding portfolio simulation features.
New R&D tests and cryptos backtests.

Start Commercial Partnership with Promepar AM (Bred Bank, BPCE Group).

R&D evolutions: arbitrage strategies, integration of alternative data.

SaaS product launch.

New feature including Cryptos coins.
Strategic Partnership Screening. 



Over more than 50 years of combined experience in trading, asset management, pricing, product development, marketing, corporate strategy and human management

Yohan Fereres

Thomas Padovani

CEO - founder


  • CES Artificial Intelligence Telecom Paris (2020)

  • PhD Quant Finance using ML algorithms at University Paris Est Creteil (2013).

  • 14 years of experience in Trading, Asset Management, Pricing/Valuation and Modeling.

  • Heading several R&D projects

  • Passionate by Thai Boxing and Martial arts


Serge Lazimi


  • Engineer from Telecom Sud Paris (2003), specializing in Information Systems Management

  • More than 15 years of experience in product management and go to market strategies for large enterprise software companies and startups. Advisory experiences.

Michel Guedj

COO and Digital Project Manager

  • Founder and CEO of Magma Distribution (running first wave of e-commerce) up to 2009

  • CEO of Ganj Development, private investment holding. More than 12 years experience on trading platforms and networks

  • 35 years as entrepreneur in Multimedia/Tech


Daniel Fermon


  • ISG Business School, SFAF PARIS, Head HEC Summer Finance Master, former

  • Cross Assets Strategists for Societe Generale and several international banks. More than 30 years in portfolio methodologies. Created an AI

  • Equities index (ETF) with Lyxor

  • Advisor for MSCI and some well selected AM companies.

Jacques Printems


  • Maître de conferences, Actuary, PhD in Mathematics and HDR.

  • Teaching Mathematics calculus, options pricing and stochastic modelling.

  • More than 15 years in research (University and Corporate).

  • Collaborated on several quantitative Finance and R&D consulting missions (Premia, WeSave).

Yohan Fereres
  • CEO of Bellone Holding, single family office

  • Made several Private Equity successful exits, currently investor in Tech companies including one Unicorn

  • Former CEO of Adcash Advertising Technology a worldwide top AdTech company.

  • Passionate by Racing and Fintech