Data + Human Sciences for Trading & Portfolio Management

A sound mix between University research (Financial engineering/Mathematics) and investment professionals. Banks, asset management companies, family offices, proprietary traders, brokers and quantitative consulting companies have constantly been involved since the beginning.

About us

Our Approach

We rely on a quantamental approach of financial markets: combining quantitative and fundamental processes.

Fundamental analysis relies on significant human resources, encountering time and budget challenges. Furthermore, fundamentals can be disconnected from a market regime switch and volatility shocks.

We combine the power of Machine Learning, quantitative computations with human investors expertise to optimize portfolio and risk management.

Leveraging more than 14 years of professional and academic research, KantifEye now provides a flexible and automated Decision Support Instrument (DSI) mixing data processing, recognized statistics methods, data clustering, probability computations and some best practices of portfolio trading/risk/management.

KantifEye in 4 points

What we do

An adaptable engine transforming quality data into

Actionable Insights


Scalable Risk Parameters

Adjusting portfolio and trading constraints on asset allocation, cash management and other filters (stop loss, moving average, Machine Learning probabilities, asset riskiness..)

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Actionable Insights

Ex-ante risk management indicators.

Buy/sell/hold recommendations.

Rebalancing proportions (quantities to trade).

Ex-post reporting/data extraction


Tailor Made Investments

Freedom to choose your investment universe (asset classes, assets, sectors, style...) and any rebalancing frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly...).

Comprehensive Tech Environment

User friendly environment leveraging an API driven and secured Cloud infrastructure.

How we do it

Our Technology

A pragmatic bridge between Science & Investments

Our solution is based on a powerful engine of matrix and scientific computations, providing deep actionable insights


How we do it

Algorithms and Technologies




Machine Learning, data compression, conditional probabilities and signal processing heading our approach.


Scientific Computation

Thanks to SCILAB language, we run accurate scientific computations (optimization routines, conditional probabilities and dimensions reduction).


Secure Cloud Solution

In partnership with ESI GROUP, our algorithms are executed in the Cloud. Trade management and other facilities can also be executed via API upon client request.




Team of hands-on experts who continuously improve existing strategies and build new ones.